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About Us

Twinkle Toes Tampa began after I finished working for the agency as a nanny and there was opportunity for expansion.  After being a nanny for several years on and off and primarily having to find the families independently, when I moved to Gainesville I found Twinkle Toes and realized there would be less headache and faster results if I used an agency to help me find a family. I couldn't have made a better decision. I had a job within weeks! I didn't have to filter through family profiles on websites learning about the family, the hours they needed and if it would work for us to schedule an interview. I had an agency to do it all for me. The agency quickly learned what experience I had and could pick out families that I would be a great fit for and vice versa. After being with the agency in Gainesville, Kristy began showing me the business side of the agency.  When I told her that I was moving to the Tampa area, Kristy offered me the opportunity to run my own Twinkle Toes branch.

I believe in Twinkle Toes because it offers reliable, headache free service for both nannies and families! We offer the most highly screened nannies in the industry so you can be sure your children are in the best, caring hands available. The best part is unlike many traditional agencies, there are no up-front cost with us. No application fees, no placement fees, or even date-night fees for families who only need us on occasion. If your nanny needs a day off, you are granted another one that is just as great. This is a huge bonus! It is a smooth, stress free process that the agency takes care of for you. You also never have to negotiate a contract or deal with payroll taxes. You pay us for only the hours you use our services and we take care of the rest!
Twinkle Toes Tampa stands apart because we take the time to determine the needs of each family before we begin the nanny search. I meet with each family in their home before we begin the search. We focus on working with the entire family because we understand that a great nanny not only cares for the children, but helps to make the parents lives easier as well.
Twinkle Toes is simple, affordable, reliable, and most of all - it provides piece of mind for parents.

Robin Landry